We’ll have self-flying cars before self-driving cars?

Why? “If you go a bit higher in the air then all the difficulties with not hitting stuff like children and bicycles and cars and so on just vanishes . . . Go above the buildings, go above the trees, like go where the helicopters are!” Also all the air vehicles can communicate with each other, and mostly already do, […]

Dispel the negative image of smart cities

It would seem that technology being designed to enhance our lives is receiving constant criticism and demonisation. This should not be the case – connecting the unconnected beyond a country’s major cities – and ultimately future-proofing nations to keep up with the digital revolution is something that will bring untold positive economic and socio-economic impacts. And that’s what building smart […]

Mobile living spaces: Digital Nomads everywhere

Over the past few years we have seen an ever increasing amount of RVs, converted sprinter vans and vintage living vehicles parade on our highways into our towns. They are the anti real estate bunch, go where you want to go, and do what you want to do living and recreational spaces. They can be cool “off grid” and economical […]

Resource towns to smart cities

Read our Toronto Star article about emerging BC #smartcities. Remove layers of bureaucracy, transform the old industry and get speedy innovation. This will set precedence for all resource towns in the world. https://www.thestar.com/amp/vancouver/2019/06/21/old-sawmill-turned-high-tech-centre-could-be-the-key-to-reviving-bcs-small-towns.html

From competitive cities to cooperative cities

Cities need to move from conventional ways of managing from a focus on immediate fixes to smart and intelligent approaches that look at solving root causes.  Aside from revenue distribution, eliminating silos in favour of a collaborative governance model with shared responsibility would help. For example, the question of waste requires action on several fronts — more citizens, businesses and organizations involved in designing […]

It takes a village to build a city

‘We are poised to fundamentally change cities for the better. To make them cheaper and more environmentally friendly. To give people time back in their day as well as a better sense of community.’ CEO of @sidewalklabs, Dan Doctoroff on Centre stage at #CollisionConf Biggest lesson learned? “Planning out in the open is really hard. People have an expectation that […]

Smart Cities are People First

Smart Cities are about designing the advancements of a community’s experience that include elements of culture, music, art and language alongside technology. Smart Cities are designed around the principles and values of the people who live there. Smart Cities build technology for public good and with diversity, accessibility and inclusivity. Watch more from Paula Kwan – the Director of Civic […]

Rural Movement Technology

Although Smart Cities technology for large urban centres is the most hyped in media these days, this blog is focused on Smart Village or under 100K in population. We live in Rural Canada and are finding an ever increasing amount of young people moving from large metropolitan areas to the countryside for “the better life”. But even though generally real […]

We have a single mission: Climate Action

Canada is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world and Northern Canada is warming even more quickly, nearly three times the global rate. Human behaviour MUST change to slow the shift. Fortunately there is a chance to survive, but we must put everything down, ditch the broken systems and collaborate with humanity + technology now. The […]