It would seem that technology being designed to enhance our lives is receiving constant criticism and demonisation.

This should not be the case – connecting the unconnected beyond a country’s major cities – and ultimately future-proofing nations to keep up with the digital revolution is something that will bring untold positive economic and socio-economic impacts. And that’s what building smart cities and taking advantage of emerging technology such as AI, robotics and machine learning is all about.

By ensuring this sense of collaboration and community spirit is front of mind, we are much more likely to work more effectively to achieve a future where smart cities are the norm. If we put local citizens in the driving seat, people will not only be engaged, but also enthusiastic about how the changes will benefit them.

The smart city should, therefore, be viewed as the key to unlocking vital economic and social benefits. Central to this is the online platform – PlaceSpeak – which enables citizens to vote on city issues, innovations and putting them in charge of their own policies. Read more detail here.