Future Thinkers Smart Village

We are at a crossroads with humanity. The Climate Emergency is the most important issue of our lifetime, followed by the intersection of exponential technologies as a disruptive but positive force to wield into economic diversity and regenerative living. COVID-19 has created an exodus from big cities, and mass climate migration has occurred during political turmoil. A perfect storm for rural Canada, and a shock to our system to move ahead in collaboration around the world.

We are a collective of Smart Village professionals. We drive experimentation and inspire a new way of life for Canadians and lead the world with Connected Communities. The global pandemic, with decentralization everywhere, including remote work, ubiquitous connectivity and efficient transportation, will evolve real estate by giving everyone a chance to codesign resilient, affordable, equitable, healthy and regenerative communities together.

Future Thinkers Smart Village is a place that combines technological innovation, creativity, personal development, education, regenerative agriculture, and community – located in North Kootenay Lake. It will act as the initial living lab for regenerative and resilient neighborhood design, development and operational components.

Our main partner ReGen Villages builds regenerative and resilient communities, with integrated life support systems of food, water, energy, education, economic, transportation and waste-to-resource management. New communities are connected to each other and to existing communities in smart bioregions, through the Village OS AI platform. This creates a border free autonomous system to optimize and improve our lives, and mitigate our challenges.

Smart Villages are a new, healthier way to live. They are communities that integrate technology and nature into regenerative living. They operate from the principles of biomimicry and biophilic design, creating environments that support the health of the bioregion, and the people & other living beings within it.


We are building out the first 3 Smart Villages in BC and the first 3 in AB. They will act as pilot projects and will be open sourced with livestreamed events and collaborative platforms.

There are 3 types of communities that need to be built and connected together with the Village OS software. 

  • Small experimental zones
  • Create new villages
  • Retrofit existing communities

They are all unique and need to be built to support every permutation of community in the world. They each have a set of partners (individuals, investors, corp, gov, NGO) that have a set of goals for the communities, just like a modern business.

What do we need from you?

We are looking for our final investors. Are you interested or could you share the details of this project to your network? In return, you can join our regular collaboration series that will grow this project and many others globally that we will feature in our monthly summit.

Please connect with us today!


  • ReGen Villages: The Villages OS: Smart Infrastructure Platform to connect new communities to each other and to existing communities in smart bioregions. ReGenerative Villages Simulator™ will enable the replication and global scaling of regenerative resiliency to meet the challenges of safe, healthy and secure communities in dynamically changing times. 
  • DealPoint Capital: The private capital markets platform to digitize and automate investor on-boarding and investment execution.
  • Tree Construction: High performance builder leading up the building technology team.
  • ABC3D: Waste wood to bioplastic company for the 3D printing of infrastructure.
  • Kootenay Solar: Regional microgrid solar company.
  • PlaceSpeak: Civic engagement platform.
  • Tesla Tours: Tesla shuttle and carshare program.
  • Portable Electric: Portable Electric’s VOLTstack® power stations deliver reliable, instant power whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Hamill Creek Timber Homes: Hamill Creek Timber Homes is based locally in Meadow Creek next to the smart village. They employ a staff of timber frame architects, designers, craftsmen and millworkers, becoming an important source of rural employment in a location that lacks many large companies.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the new villages and retrofit communities in the Fall 2020!

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