COVID-19 put a great pause to our global travel, allowing the earth to breathe and science to reflect on the climate emergency IF we stopped fossil fuels all together. This year carbon emissions have fallen dramatically but this has only marginally slowed the overall rise in concentrations, the scientists say, and we need to ramp up carbon capture in a huge way.

At the same time we are about to hit the golden age of transportation that will eclipse the peak of commercial airlines. Zero Emission Vehicles, lead by Electric Vehicles including cars, trucks, bikes, scooters, planes, boats and trains will intersect to form brand new breeds of vehicles to transport us all over the world, and autonomously, to experience living in a whole new way. Imagine not owning a home on a foundation, and travelling the world continuously, stopping as many days as you’d like in any destination, anywhere in the world. All of this for much cheaper than owning real estate.

Tesla & Autonomous EVs will disrupt real estate in a huge way

With the pandemic forcing hundreds of millions to work remotely, and companies continuing to nurture this with time to travel and office savings, we have been forced into a great reality. But in 5 years we are about to witness the move from autonomous Tesla to passenger drones and flying cars to allow us to live in any corner of the world. We are leading the way in Canada with the Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium

All connected with satellite gigabit internet and stopping to charge once a day or likely charging along the whole way. Digital Nomads will equal that of the traditional workforce by 2035 and they will live in pop-up smart villages all over the world.

The past few weeks of news and latest videos showcase business investment and production growth, even in our home of Canada.

First hyperloop passengers ever

Electric airplanes are getting tantalizingly close to mainstream


Check out more of our fave Canadian EVs here

Or take a peek at Zoox by the big tech Amazon.

The future of personal transportation. Fully autonomous. All-electric. And designed from the ground up for riders, not drivers.


Zoox unveiled a fully autonomous electric vehicle with no steering wheel that can drive day and night on a single charge.

The vehicle, which Zoox describes as a driverless carriage or robotaxi, can carry as many as four passengers. With a motor at each end, it travels in either direction and maxes out at 120km per hour. Two battery packs, one under each row of seats, generate enough juice for 16 hours of run time before recharging, the company said. To commercialize the technology, Zoox plans to launch an app-based ride-hailing service.

But forget big tech, as we mentioned Canada is crushing it with real world production EVs like Canada’s Lion Electric. One of the country’s leading electric Original Equipment Manufacturer for medium and heavy-duty vehicles. With a half billion dollars set to be invested in the company’s ambitious expansion plans — in both Canada and the United States — the expectations of Quebec’s flagship electric vehicle OEM are mounting.

The Lion Electric Company, a Quebec-based manufacturer of electric school buses, has successfully completed a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) pilot deployment of five school buses in White Plains, New York.

The future is bright for locally made ZEV!