Re:build festival

On April 30 – May 2 we hosted the Re:build online, regenerative living festival 🌳🏡🌍

Crush the costs of living with the evolution of decentralized villages for everyone on planet earth.

We co-created workshops and practical conversations focused on the following themes: Nature & Ecosystems, Building & Infrastructure, Funding & Business, People & Culture.

We connected with other village builders, found solutions and met future partners to collaborate!

Don’t worry if you missed it! Here are some of the important sessions with more to be listing soon. Stay tuned…

Opening Ceremony Keynote – James Ehrlich of ReGen Villages

Burning Man’s Fly Ranch Project: A Model for Open Source Land Stewardship – Team Burning Man

Prefab, mass timber and 3D printing – Greg Hoffart from Tree Construction

Intershelter: The most affordable, durable and easiest buildings to setup in the world – Don Kubley Founder

Panel: Hacking your local planning system – John Jung of Intelligent Community Forum

From Seasteading to Treehouses: how to live with less rules and regeneratively on the water and land. Grant Romundt of Ocean Builders

SHIFT: a biological model for creating resilient and leading-edge companies – Jamie Miller of Biomimicry Frontiers

Resilient Food! Greenhouses, Vertical Farms, AutomationTony Hunter – Food Futurist

TERRAN COLLECTIVEA (Bio)regional Approach to Community Building – Check out The Mushroom Farm!

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