Alright… time for a new year new efforts new opportunities!

The truth is, of course, that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.

David Bowie
  1. The housing, climate and health crisis will come to a head! Bold new connected and regenerative technologies alongside a constellation of collaborative companies will take centre stage such as ReGen Villages and raise capital for all solutions with DealPoint Capital
  2. All the AI predictions are right here!
  3. Metaverse and Web3: FINALLY we move on from Web 2.0 AKA Social Media and it’s far more than Facebook and Cryptocurrency.
  4. Other global predictions for 2022 from Ipsos
  5. The Economist predicts…

Affordable Housing: Hundreds of solutions come online, and with Starlink connectivity + decreasing cost of off-grid infrastructure, people setup new communities everywhere. Keep an eye on Geoship! Or see what how the Government of Canada is stimulating activity

Food Security: Vertical Farms grow wild around the world but Canada needs to shape up fast!

Shared Mobility: eVTOL = <Electric Vertical Take Off + Landing> soar in Canada and recap of 2021 from USA

But let’s laugh off 2021 first!