World’s First Ceramic Geodesic Dome Installed

The Affordable, Zero Carbon, DIY Interlocking, Climate Proof, Dome of the Future is Open for Investment and Pre-order by Everyone

California Mountains, Jan 4, 2020: Geoship has announced the launch of it’s first groundbreaking affordable dome installation. Bioceramic domes create a new category of multi-century, zero-carbon, fireproof, and biologically resonant architecture. Homebuilding is a massive, multi-trillion dollar industry that is unsustainable. The Geoship microfactory and village building platform is a new model for the regenerative future. With 2000+ investors, 30,000 interested customers, 400 paid deposits, Geoship created the market and installed the first home. Now beginning pilot manufacturing and planning a factory capable of manufacturing thousands of homes annually.

With this stage, a new round of equity crowdfunding is available to global citizens at

“My brother and I started building a home for our family. We did it on a shoestring budget, with reclaimed materials and lumber we milled on the land. Then we started questioning WHY — with all of our technology — are we still building with sticks and nails? How does nature build protective shells? Why does it feel so good to step outside the boxes we live in? We started engineering a new kind of home.

We’re manufacturing the next great American home, as a multi-stakeholder cooperative, and democratizing the design/build process. We need more than new technologies to protect the planet, we need a new paradigm of community living in harmony with the natural world.”

Morgan Bierschenk Geoship Co-Founder and CEO

This new round of funding will be used to build our pilot production, microfactory and village design platforms. Specifically, the areas that the company will focus on are:

  1. Ceramic Dome Pilot Production
  2. Ceramic Dome and Materials Product Certifications
  3. Village Building Platform Design

Our growth accomplishments so far;

2015-2019 Researched and Developed Geoship building technology and cooperative strategy

2020-2021 Built Prototype with $1.5M of investment from 1780 customer investors

About Geoship: Geoship is a material science and construction technology company operating as a multi-stakeholder cooperative. Our purpose is to build living environments that resonate with nature and catalyze the evolution of consciousness.

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