Smart cities are putting technology to work to relieve congestion, restore democracy, prevent crime, and improve public services. Yet, the ecology upon which cities rely risks being left behind by the digital revolution. At the same time, city ecologists, planners, and designers lack the insights needed to safeguard urban nature. Could technology hold the answer to greener and smarter cities?

Dr. Nadina Galle takes her audience into the lab, in the field, and onto the street with avant-garde innovators as they: use sensors and machine learning to predict how much water a tree will need the day after tomorrow; alter reality in the outdoors to gamify nature conservation; train deep learning algorithms to monitor insect biodiversity; and foster human-nature relationships through texting trees. Nadina calls their quest the “Internet of Nature” (IoN).

Through research, design, and real-life (success) stories, Nadina shows us how the IoN is already being applied to build better places to live.

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