National Housing Day

Access to a safe and super affordable home is the foundation of a healthy, successful, and vibrant community. And its possible for all of us today! For #NationalHousingDay we want to share some of the projects and resources we have worked on with our partners to bring forward big ideas to address the affordability crisis:

At the beginning of the year, Evergreen sat down with 130 newcomers, youth and older adults from across Canada to share their vision for their ideal future home in 2040, and the actions they felt necessary to make that future happen. These inspiring sessions are summarized in the My Future Home Session Reports.

A few weeks ago, Evergreen convened our first National Housing Forum that brought together over 500 residents with companies and public sector innovators to engage on the latest solutions to create more resilient and affordable housing. You can access the session recordings on our Community Solutions Portal:

There are hundreds of housing entrepreneurs that have built mass manufactured modular (prefab) super affordable homes and this article shows just a sample of what we can have today…

Stay tuned for the launch of Round 4 of the National Housing Supply Challenge in December 2022! Building for the Future: Innovative Construction for Housing Affordability Funds. Read more here, share your favorite innovation using #FutureHousing 🚀🚀🚀

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