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The Housing Supply Challenge is moving to Round 4.

Building for the Future: Innovative Construction for Housing Affordability


Building for the Future seeks to identify and cultivate solutions that address barriers to innovation in construction, in an effort to increase housing supply that is affordable, climate compatible and meets people’s needs. By supporting the scaling, replicating and adopting of innovative solutions, this round will respond directly to housing supply barriers. This allows local stakeholders to identify and solve the unique housing construction challenges in their area. Building for the Future is designed to encourage collaboration, foster knowledge sharing, and develop partnerships to shape the construction of new housing or retrofits of existing housing across all levels of government.

The Building for the Future round begins today and will be open for applications until April 13, 2023.

The Housing Supply Challenge is being hosted on the Impact Canada platform. Innovators wishing to apply should visit:

And Evergreen is the support program. You can get 1-1 support right here:

1/3 of Canadians are house poor and 1.5 million people globally are homeless with 1.7 billion living in inadequate shelter. Investing in construction technology, automated manufacturing of every home with natural materials will create a positive disruption to the housing crisis and major revolution in our lives. Everyone will have a safe, healthy and super affordable home that will allow millions to open up trillions of $$$ of time and savings to solve grand challenges OR enjoy life!

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Quick facts:

  • Government of Canada has provided $300 million in funding over five years to launch a Housing Supply Challenge (HSC) and unlock new solutions for Canadians searching for an affordable place to call home.
  • The HSC is being delivered by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and aims to:
    • provide new resources and find solutions to enhance housing supply and provide a platform to share these models with communities across Canada;
    • help address barriers to housing supply and affordability, showcase new ideas and solutions, and cultivate collaboration and partnerships.
  • The HSC is a component of Impact Canada, a Government of Canada-wide initiative to help departments accelerate the adoption of innovative funding approaches to deliver meaningful results to Canadians.
  • The first round, “Data Driven”, has selected 14 finalists who have proposed innovative solutions to address gaps in housing data. These participants will create technology or methodology-based solutions to improve data collection, sharing, analysis and integration, thus improving decision-making on housing supply. The first round will disburse up to $25 million to fund these solutions.
  • The second round, “Getting Started”, has selected 14 solutions to receive funding to bring their pre-development processes ideas to life. Implementation funding of up to $38 million will be disbursed to fund these solutions. Find out more on the Housing Supply Challenge section of the website.
  • The third round, “Northern Access has completed Stage 1, shortlisting 33 applicants who have proposed supply chain solutions that reduce the time, cost, and risk to access resources for building and maintaining appropriate northern and remote housing supply. Up to $80 million will be disbursed to fund this round’s solutions. Find out more on the Housing Supply Challenge section of the website.
  • The Challenge aligns with the National Housing Strategy and CMHC’s goal that by 2030, everyone in Canada has a home they can afford and that meets their needs.

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