Nevada City, CA/Big Sky, MT – The most successful American male ski racer of all time, Bode Miller, has become an investor and strategic advisor in Geoship — to address the climate-housing challenge and help people live closer to nature and community — starting in mountain towns. 

Miller notes, “I was raised off the grid, in the solitary nature of the woods. So much of who I am today is the direct result of my upbringing. Now as the father of eight, I want my kids to have similar experiences. In 2019 Morgan and I chose to move our family to Montana. Many have expressed a desire to do the same with their own families. Unfortunately for many, this lifestyle is out of reach due to the recent rapid rise in housing prices. Perhaps it is time to start thinking outside of the box to make mountain living more accessible to families. I’m excited to partner with Geoship to address the climate-housing challenge in a way that will help people live closer to nature and community — starting in mountain towns.” 

Geoship founder and CEO Morgan Bierschenk adds, “Bode and I are dads on a mission to raise our kids closer to nature and village life. Geoship is more than a new construction technology — we’re building an economic engine for the regenerative village future. Whether winning six Olympic medals or being a father of eight — Bode is a force of nature and puts 100% into what he does. So, it’s an honor to begin this journey with Bode, to remove some of the barriers families face in building homes in harmony with nature.”

Geoship’s ‘first principles’ approach to home manufacturing combines the most efficient geometry and material science with 21st-century manufacturing technology. Nature’s strongest structure, the geodesic dome, is combined with a breakthrough in bioceramic materials — enabling healthy natural homes that cost half as much as conventional homes, have a 90% smaller carbon footprint, and have a design life of 500 years. 

Bioceramic domes are combined with a digital space for communities to form and democratize the village design/build process. Villages are distinct from housing developments in that they’re cultural places designed and built with community participation. Geoship is transitioning into a multi-stakeholder cooperative — customers and nature stewards will own up to 50% of the company. This combination of a revolutionary housing product, business model, and ownership structure enables deep impact on a level never before possible. 

The company is continuing towards its ‘Earthshot’: To make the best home on earth, the most affordable one, and scale manufacturing to one million ceramic domes per year. The recently revealed prototype is the world’s first ceramic dome. 

Bierschenk concludes, “Our Nevada City prototype dome has attracted interest from architects, artists, engineers, developers, and dome lovers from over 60 countries. Thanks to platforms like Republic and Wefunder, the right to invest in world-changing private tech companies is no longer limited to accredited investors. We invite skiers, snowboarders, mountain communities, artists, climate advocates, impact investors, and nature lovers to join Bode Miller and our crew of over 2,000 visionary impact investors in building a more beautiful world. 


About Geoship SPC:

Geoship SPC is a leading innovator in next-generation homes, featuring a unique combination of eco-friendly ceramic materials and geodesic dome structures. The company grew from the vision of its two founders, Morgan Bierschenk and Bas Kools, to address some of the greatest challenges of our time: affordable housing, climate change, chronic disease, and social isolation.

For more information, please contact Susan von Seggern at or 213-840-0077.