The 28-acre Cooper Creek Village is a co-ownership structure with a group of current and new owners dedicated to the development of low-cost micro/modular housing. This innovative project aims to provide affordable and unique housing solutions with food security and community resiliency.

Watch the second Virtual Open House with guide Jean-Marc La Flamme. Noam Dolgin from CoHo BC presented his synopsis on the co-ownership model. The current landowners Bob & Cheryl Sinclair spoke about their history, love for the land and experience leading into this new community. Afterwards Founding Member Leif Hahnert dove into the micro housing and investment options for Cooper Creek Village.

The session ends with a long Q&A with the group. Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace affordable and regenerative living at Cooper Creek Village this spring.


  • Introduction to Cooper Creek Village
  • ​Overview of co-ownership model ​
  • Meet the owners & virtual tour of the property ​
  • Housing options & living infrastructure
  • ​Investment opportunities & community development ​
  • Q&A session for action

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