About & Contact

Smart Village has decades of community building experience and is focused on Regenerative Living and Smart Cities Technology strategies guiding creative intergenerational engagement and implementations for rural communities, including;

Gigabit Wireless Internet
Coworking & Innovation Centres
Entrepreneur Support Programs
Citizen Engagement Platforms
Circular Economy Structure
Artificial Intelligence Products
Smart Building Devices
Economic Data Marketplace
Data For Good
Aircraft & Drone Transport
Shared Mobility Programs
Autonomous Electric Vehicles
Distributed Energy Generation
Greenhouse Food Technology
Modular Housing Developments
Biomimicry Regenerative Design
Extended Reality Programs
Blockchain Business Models

We adhere to theĀ Open & Ethical Smart Cities Framework. A shared futurescaping of values, so that the community can drive ethical solutions. They are applied with intention to the co-design and implementation of smart city projects. Values can bring individuals, corporations, non-profits, public services, youth, older adults and different community groups together to creatively build a resilient future.