Open North

Open Smart Cities are defined as communities where residents and business collaborate with public officials to mobilize data and technologies when warranted in an ethical, accountable and transparent way to govern the communities as a thriving commons and balance economic development, social progress and environmental responsibility.

We futurescape with shared values, and communities collaborate in smart bio-regions while co-creating ethical solutions with regenerative living. Values can bring individuals, corporations, non-profits, public services, youth, older adults and different community groups together to creatively build a resilient future.

Openness is one of the key elements required in smart city initiatives, so that new technologies can become tools to help our cities become more equitable, regenerative and prosperous.

We offer a wide variety of services and products that improve governance and civic participation in support of open smart cities. We lead a collaborative local-to-global approach to improving smart cities through research applied directly to the problems urban areas and rural regions face. Partners throughout the world at local, regional, and national scales benefit from our ability to improve governmental capacity to adopt innovation, data, and connected technology.

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