Decentralized Autonomous Tesla Share (DATS)

Anyone can afford a Tesla

You buy a Tesla & we help you make $$$

It takes a few minutes online and we can help rent it to others. Just a few days a month and it pays for itself so you can own an awesome Tesla.

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You want to make an income?

We need drivers for our tours, shuttles or concierge services. All of this in our DATS program = Decentralized Autonomous Tesla Share.

Why Tesla?

Safest Vehicle. Zero Emissions. Autonomous Driving. Overair Updates. Performance & Quality. Supercharger Network. Buy Online. Innovative Tech. Beautiful Design. Elon Musk!

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Why Tesla? Top 10

Dollars & Sense

What is your Life worth? Earth worth? Time worth? Money worth? Fun worth?

  1. Safest vehicle on the planet: What is your life worth?
  2. Zero Emission = no more gas = major carbon and money savings that is not going to evil petro empire. Every dollar you spend on gas fuels the fire.
  3. Autopilot = hundreds of hours to reclaim per year.
  4. Over the air software updates = vehicle constantly improving and depreciating less.
  5. Performance and quality. Its fun to drive more again!
  6. Supercharger Network: All around the world for fast charging.
  7. Buy Online: 5 minutes. Stay tuned for the same with insurance.
  8. Innovation Technology: Infotainment, The App all contribute to a tremendous user experience and wicked fun.
  9. Beautiful Design: You will never get bored of the unique design
  10. Owner (Elon Musk) has vastly improved the world more than any other carmaker combined. Again, why would you buy from any other automaker?

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