Monetize Tesla !$

Any Tesla owner can join our decentralized shared mobility fleet. They will be neutralizing costs of their vehicles and generating revenue in 5 ways;

Tesla P2P 

Renting out daily using our Peer to Peer Service. Average $200 per day. Check out Turo.

Tesla Tours

Tours to the most unique locations in Canada by joining our reputable tour company. An easy to obtain class 4 licence is required.

Tesla Concierge

“Soft landing” service into Canada with connections to regenerative living: real estate, business and health/wellness opportunities. Earn $1000 a day.

Tesla Shuttle

Shuttle service of visitors to various activity operators. Earn $500 for a 5 hour tour.

Tesla Ads

Car wrap opportunities. Earn $500-$1000 per month. Bonus protection of paint!

Our Mission

We lead the adoption of Tesla electric and autonomous vehicles. As a B Corp we value the environment, safety and education as important as profit. 

Our platform will showcase exciting tours in supernatural Canada with innovative experts as guides. We will also educate the importance of going electric and #SharedMobility.

Our Tesla Tours include:

Vineyards & Distilleries

Farm & Dining

Hidden Treasures

Unique Abodes

Ski & Bike

Powder Highway

Ghost Towns

Glamping Journeys

Private Festival

Our Tesla Connections include:

Regional Opportunities

Real Estate

Meet Entrepreneurs

Regenerative Businesses

Adventure & Innovation

Electric Vehicles

Past & Future

Real & Virtual

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