Mobile living spaces: Digital Nomads everywhere

Over the past few years we have seen an ever increasing amount of RVs, converted sprinter vans and vintage living vehicles parade on our highways into our towns. They are the anti real estate bunch, go where you want to go, and do what you want to do living and recreational spaces. They can be cool “off grid” and economical vs staying at a hotel, but with no regulation are clogging our major arteries and city roadways. Nevermind contributing to #ClimateCrisis. The worst are the thousands of gigantic fifth wheels pulled by oversized diesel trucks! You know them 😵

But none of this will matter soon if we choose #SharedMobility with #ElectricVehicles.

An advanced automaker like Tesla with autonomous vehicle technology could make the highways like riding the train again. Explore where no one would have the gas, $$$ and stamina to go. Waking up everyday with a whole new view on life, culture to sink your teeth in while still connected to family and friends.

Our roadways are likely going to get much more busy and deadly before then. But once the technology is ready to truly live off the grid, harness your own power, connect with satellites for high speed internet, grow your own food, fall asleep while your home drives to another country… why on earth would you invest in real estate? The price in time and money to maintain an old vehicle or old home has pushed millennials and most humans on earth away from this investment. Watch as this technology disrupts our lifestyles, communities we choose to settle in and disposable income to live an abundant lifestyle.

Hopefully as ever present #SharedMobility platforms for #AffordableLiving.

From circle the wagons

to burning manesque and culture everywhere.

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